At Jenkins Bakery, we are great believers in the importance of our customers treating themselves to something special.

“Why not?” we say, especially when you are presented with one of our delicious confectionery products!

We create a vast range of tempting treats daily, from the classic jam doughnut, traditional Welshcakes, fresh dairy cream cakes to double choc chip muffins and tray bakes.

Two customer favourites have been popular for the last 100 years – our renowned Jenkins custard slices and pancakes. It’s all in the taste. Trust us!

Of course, producing such delicious products is a wonderful reflection of the quality of our suppliers. At Jenkins, we try to promote the use of local ingredients and we endeavour to support local and trusted suppliers, helping the local economy.

By sourcing local milk and dairy cream, our products not only taste good and fresh, but also support the dairy farming industry in Wales.

Our selection includes:

For further information regarding the nutritional composition of our products and details of ingredients used including allergen information, please feel free to contact our technical department on 01554 773923 or email