We’re all just flipping crazy for pancakes!

Tuesday (March 5) is the day when people go flipping mad for pancakes.

And Llanelli’s biggest bakery (the Jenkins Bakery) will be doing their bit to mark Shrove Tuesday.

“Pancakes are popular all the year around,” said Jenkins Bakery director and company secretary David Jenkins.

“But all our shops will be making a special effort with pancakes this week and on Tuesday, in particular.

“We hope to sell something like 20,000 pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, so you can see how popular they are.

“We will be selling our range of plain, fruit (currant) and chocolate chip pancakes for 60p.”

Mr Jenkins added: “This is a busy time of year for us as we recently put out a special range of Valentine’s Day products and our St David’s Day range. And, on top of all that, this is British Pie Week!

“We pride ourselves as being a bakery business which knows its customers and we know how people love to celebrate different events such as Shrove Tuesday.

“We are a long-established family business, more than 98 years old now. Our pancakes are made to a traditional recipe of eggs, sugar,top quality cake margarine and flour.”

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