New products arrive on the shelves at Jenkins Bakery

A number of new products are now arriving on the shelves at Jenkins Bakery shops.

Operations director Russell Jenkins said: “We always consider ourselves innovative here at Jenkins Bakery and we like to refresh our range of products from time to time.

“We always take care to keep favourite lines and traditional products on the menu, but we also like to introduce new selections and treats for our customers to try.

“We hope they find our new range of products to their taste.”

The new products include –

Quiche Lorraine, £1.25

Quiche Lorraine made in a pastry case with cheese, tomato, onion and ham.

Bath Bun, 95p

A top quality rich bun dough with currants, sultanas, mixed peel and cherries flavoured with lemon essence, the dough is then chopped into very small pieces and scaled into a small round shape, decorated with sugar nibs and given a very light bake.

Russian Slice, £1.10

Sponge soaked in jelly topped with icing and chocolate drizzle.

Fruit and Custard Doughnut, £1.05

Our top quality finger doughnut filled with Apple, Raspberry and Custard.

Chipotle Chicken Pasta Salad, £2.50.

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